Ivey S J



Joined Clan Line


Joined British & Commonwealth from Conway.
Worked through the ranks up to Chief Officer. After 11 years as Chief Officer I was informed by Marine Supt., a fellow OC Reg Kelso, that there was little chance of my getting a Command in the Company since they were selling ships fast.
I was one of three who were asked if they wanted to be attached to a newly set up Manning Agency, Furness Manning, who supplied officers to the C.Y. Tung Group of Hong Kong. I, along with one other agreed.
So after 23 years with a British Company I then moved to Island Navigation, part of the Hong Kong based Group for the next 7 years before being transferred to Orient Overseas Container Line for 10 years. After two I was promoted Master working on bulkers and then container ships throughout.
In 2000 I had had enough deep sea so joined a Manning Agency in Southampton. Worked mostly around Western Europe on ferries, car carriers, a container ship, dredgers and accompanying hopper barges until 2011. Manning was seemingly transferred to Rotterdam with personnel coming mainly from Eastern Europe.
After two years without work my medical expired so I called it a day and accepted my P60(?). Actually my physical health was such that I would have been a liability on a ship. It was a good test to see how being at home 24/7 worked out and all is still well in 2014.

Living in UK

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