Clarke K




Joined Blue Funnel

Graduated as a Cordon Bleu chef at “Slash Creek” Cookery Academy in 1959. (with a Michelin star for remembering to puncture the baked beans can before putting it on the BBQ)

Sailed for 10 years in the Merchant Navy with Blue Flu and then Currie Line of Leith.
taking Masters in early 1968.
Lucky break in 1969 when I was offered a job in the container industry just as it was starting in Europe, as Marine Manager with Sealand.
Married my wife Lilian in Edinburgh in 1969 where John Ashley was our best man, unfortunately although we kept in contact this was the last time I saw John.
In 1976 moved to the UAE to advise the government of Sharjah on the setting up of a container terminal at Khorfakkan.
This was a 2 year contract to help pay off the mortgage but like so many ex-pats I find myself still overseas after 37 years.
My next stop was Bandar Abbas in Iran, again with Sealand where I soon found myself in the middle of the Islamic revolution. The revolutionary guards blew up the Gray MacKenzie liquor store so I decided to move back to the UAE.
Over the next few years I worked and lived in the UAE and Saudi Arabia before joining American President Line (APL) as Regional Operations Manager in Bombay in early 1987.
APL later moved me to Hong Kong where I arrived on 4th June 1989, Tiananmen Square day; I wondered why everyone was looking so anxious.
In 1991 I returned to the terminal side of the business joining Hongkong International Terminals (HIT) as Manager Terminal Operations.
In 1996 I joined International Container Terminals as VP Operations Development, spending 2 years in Manila and then 8 years in Dubai mainly dealing with the privatization of ports.
By 2006 the endless flying and the Dubai traffic was getting too much for me so I decided to retire to Cyprus.
Lilian and I still travel to Dubai every Christmas to visit our son Rodger and our 2 young grandchildren. Unfortunately Rodger’s wife died of breast cancer 2 years ago.

7 Parthenonos
Apesia Village
Limassol 4541,


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