Harbottle T.M (Deceased)


Joined Henderson Line
Tom Mason writes
about 25 years ago I did meet him on several occasions!.
Our meeting came about in a most bizarre fashion!. My kids, used the local bus to go to school and one day, they said “Dad, our school bus driver knows you!" It turned out to be Tom Harbottle!
We met up a few times, then he went on to drive national coaches and moved to live in the West Midlands.
I heard no more until receiving a sad note, about three years ago , telling me he had died. The note was scrawled on a page torn from a note book, had no return address on it and was signed “ Mrs Harbottle”

Jim Ivey writes
The last time I saw Harbottle was in Euston station concourse. I heard my name called out and upon turning I saw this fellow in policeman's uniform approaching me! He was working for the Railway Police.