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Joined Turnbull and Scott

Peter writes – March 28th 2014
I will now fill you in with a little bit of what has happened since we all parted to go our own ways .
When I left I was not sure about going to sea as I was hopeless at navigation , but I joined Turnbull Scott in Sunderland on one of their tankers (The Eastgate ). Thought I would be home in 6 months . Never saw UK for nearly 18 months !!
Came ashore as still could not make head or tail of navigation.
Joined a local building company and than went onto running Sub Contract workers . This I did onto about 45 when I became an agent for part of the Amec group (Fairclough Homes ) It was at this time I lost my first wife to Cancer . Then there was a recession and I lost the best job I ever had .
Became the oldest backpacker and went off to Australia ,New Zealand ,India and USA .
On returning To UK I got married again and joined a plumbing supply company .Then of all terrible things to happen, my second wife died of breast cancer as well . I had a bit of a breakdown and did not get really better for a couple of years but I had a lot of help from a good friend of my first wife who lost her husband . We are now married and retired and travelling quite a bit .
Life is good again. Geraldine suggested I try and get in touch with old Conways which I started by seeing Jim Ivey who lives about 60 miles away .We than started going to D+D and see Tom Mason, Blakey, Jones etc. At the 150 Reunion Bob Cubin and any more turned up.

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