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The idea of this site is to enable us to try and trace and keep track of those of us who left HMS Conway in Easter 1959.

We have for some years kept in contact with a few of our term through the email at Christmas time but maybe now we should make an effort to track down the others before it is too late. The “Then” photos were as we knew each other in “59” – the “Now” photos, however, may not be entirely up to date but they will bear a reasonable resemblance of how we are today.

Not all the names you see above were QBs when we left. In order to make up this list we have combined the class lists of our 4th term with the published list of QB leavers in Easter ’59. No doubt there will be some errors. Those members of our term who left after the 4th term or completed  longer courses are marked with an asterisk *.  We expect that there will be many changes as we go along.

It is in no way meant to supersede or clash with the wonderful website administered by Alfie Windsor – – nor is it intended that it interfere with the  very effective blogs that are already running. .

Please contact us at with news of yourselves or others of our term. Any photos would be most welcome.

Updated December 18th 2023