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Port Line

Bob writes – March 28th 2014
As for my endeavours since marriage and Masters, in that order, in ’69 I retired from the sea and came out to NZ to join ACT (NZ) – and somehow ended up in IT - which became Blueport ACT with the joint management of Blue Star and Port Line and the merging of the conventional and container business.
That became New Zealand Line when we acquired the Shipping Corporation of NZ and then, still at the same desk, became part of Blue Star when Cunard sold out to P&O.
BSL relocated the whole organisation to Auckland and about nine months later P&O Nedlloyd bought them out – we’d reached 1998 by now and I got taken on to look after Y2K stuff for Aust & NZ for P&O. Bit of a joke really me pontificating about how we’d protect their systems when I knew very little about them but I racked up a stack of air points having to keep going to Rotterdam for meetings.
Y2K was of course a fizzer so early in 2000 I came back to Wellington and P&O decided they didn’t need me any more.
Couple of years house maintenance and travel and joined Strait Shipping (Cook Strait ferries) where I still am although now down to a four day week.
Forty five years in one paragraph!


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