Ship Agency Services

The roles and duties of a ships agent are extensive, the agent acts as the local representative of the Principal in the port in which they operate.

In a survey conducted by FONASBA, it was determined that there were more than 150 possible operations that a ship agent may be tasked to undertake.

In order to ensure that these tasks are effectively carried out, the agent must be fully conversant with all local regulations and legislation pertaining to the port and associated industries. Similarly, they must be well connected with service providers, regulators, authorities and relevant contacts in order to ensure that the requirements of the Principal are met. Lastly, they must have a comprehensive understanding of the processes and requirements of the Principal.

This is the service that Mainport Africa Shipping is able to provide. With more than 33 years experience operating in South African ports, we are well versed in all matters and able to ensure that any vessel is handled quickly and efficiently, minimising time spent in port and thereby maximising the Principal’s revenue.

This is accomplished by:

  • Clear and frequent communications with Principals/ Master /Service Providers and related parties
  • Strong co-ordination skills ensuring prompt attention to requirements
  • Excellent knowledge of local regulations and requirements of the port
  • Strong network developed of shippers, receivers and forwarding agents
  • Service providers vetted against set standards
  • Flexibility in operations
  • Well trained agency personnel
  • Hands on management