East London

Lat: 27˚ 55′ S Long: 33˚ 01′ E

The information and drafts listed below may be subject to change and should be treated accordingly

Draft 10 m
Length 245 m
Beam 222 m
Berths 15 Berths
Draft 6.0 m to 10.4 m
Length 132 m to 259 m

Beam No restriction

MGO Available at S & T Berths
IFO 180 cst available
HFO 360 Not available

Bunkering method:
Pipeline Yes
Barge No
How many barges? None

Tanker Bulk Liquid, quay wall 259 m, 10.4 m draft

Multi-purpose/Containers 10 Berths – 132 m to 253 m length, 8.50 m to 10.4 draft

Small craft 3 Quays

All mobile cranes to be hired from private companies

Transit? On request

Load/Discharge? On request

Working Hours:
Marine 24/7

Terminals 24/7)

Drydock/repair facilities: Yes, 200m