Lat: 29˚ 52′ S Long: 31˚ 02′ E

The information and drafts listed below may be subject to change and should be treated accordingly

Restrictions: Click here for Permissible Draft at Berths March 2019
Draft 14.5 m
Length 350 m
Beam 51 m
Berths 57 Berths in total
Draft Deepest Berth 12.9 m
Length Max size 243.8 m (Daylight only), bigger vessels are only subject to port authorities approval
Beam 35m, bigger vessels are only subject to port authorities approval

IFO 180 cst Yes
HFO 360 Not available

Bunkering method:
Pipeline No
Barge Yes
How many barges? Smit Energy IFO – 2300mt / MDO – 300mt / MGO – 330mt
Smit Lipuma IFO – 3500mt / MDO – 750mt
Southern Venture – 3200mt IFO / 240mt MDO / 320mt MGO
Fumana – 3100mt IFO / 250 mt MDO / 350 mt MGO

Bulk Sugar Terminal – 9.6m.
Agri port – 10.3m draft.
BMA berths 8.8m to 10.3m
Tanker Island view – drafts from 10.6m to 12.8m
Multi-purpose Point MPT – drafts from 10.2m to 12.9m Maydon Wharf from 9.6m to 10.3m
Reefer (Conventional) FPT – drafts from 10.6m to 11.9m
Container DCT – drafts from 12.0m to 12.5m
Pier 1 – drafts – 12.5m
Ro Ro Car Terminal – drafts from 11.9m to 12.9m
Passenger Drafts 11.9m

Floating Crane TNPA 200 mt up to 36m reach.
Floating Crane EBH 60mt up to 16m reach.
Liebherr 550 144 mt up to 54m reach
4 at Point berths C to F and 1 at Maydon Wharf 12

Transit? Subject to harbor masters / safety officers approval
Load/Discharge? Yes – Container terminals only (Pier 1 & DCT )

Working Hours:
Marine 06H00 – 18H00 & 18H00 – 06H00
Terminals 06H00 to 14H00 & 14H00 to 22H00 & 22H00 to 06H00 ( weekdays )
06H00 to 18H00 & 18H00 to 06H00 ( weekend )

Drydock/repair facilities: Yes