Break Bulk and Project Cargo

The introduction of the intermodal container heralded a revolution in the manner of transportation of cargo. However, there still remains a significant demand for break-bulk and Multi Purpose vessels for cargo that cannot be carried in standard containers.

This shipping sector has become highly specialised as cargo has become bigger and heavier while the available gear on the break-bulk vessels has improved. The vessels themselves have also been developed in order to carry these increasingly larger and more complex items of cargo.

This is an area in which Mainport thrives. As agents for many of the non-liner project and heavy lift carriers, Mainport has built a reputation as being a leading agency in this highly specialised market and we are the most active break bulk and project cargo agent in Southern Africa, enjoying the support of a wide range of Principals.

Knowledge of the correct procedures have to be followed, along with limitations of the ports and individual berths and the handling of these cargoes allow the Mainport team to take proactive steps to ensure smooth handling of these shipments in and out of South Africa.